Restorolla: smart optimization of restaurant processes

Manage orders and customer loyalty with a single app

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What are the challenges the restaurant business owners face?

  • Low customer flow
  • Irrationally organized work processes
  • High staff turnover
  • Rising staff costs
  • Insufficient understanding of growth points
  • Poor quality of service
  • Inferior location
  • Strong competition
  • Failure to work with the customer base

What is the consequence of ignoring problems?

Loss of customers

Decrease in profits

Deteriorating reputation

The crisis in business


Restorolla solves problems and optimizes workflows.

How will Restorolla strengthen your business?

  • Accepting orders and reserving tables directly from the customer's smartphone
  • Issuing checks through the app
  • Tips functionality
  • Reducing the risk of staff errors during order placing and processing
  • New source of customer engagement
  • Direct marketing with the customer base
  • Increasing the loyalty of patrons
Stay one step ahead of the competition

Who will benefit from the app?



Pubs and bars




Kitchens for delivery

Street food outlets

Restorolla in numbers


Of customers would refrain from contacting waiters personally and touching the hard-copy menu. Restorolla eliminates such worries of patrons.


Of the business's success depends on the speed and quality of service, and Restorolla raises this factor to the highest level.


Of customers are ready to expand their orders if they don't have to wait for staff to come to their table. Restorolla allows order altering without having to engage waiters.


Of users are ready to make an order on their own to speed up the service. Restorolla makes order placing as seamless as possible.

Features of working with Restorolla app


User-friendly functionality with intuitive administration panel. Menu updates, promotions, and sending messages to customers are managed via the app.


Restorolla automatically detects the language settings in the customer's smartphone and displays the digital menu in their native language.


No need for special equipment: easy integration with your CRM


Generating personal discounts and newsletters for each client

Contactless approach

Browsing the interactive menu, order placing, and requesting a check are executed in the app

Преимущества при подключении Restorolla

Automated orders

Full automation of self-checkout in a simple and intuitive interface

Multiple interface languages

Foreign customers can use the language they understand


Integration with the venue's internal CRM system


Digitalization of work processes and reduction of staff training and recruitment costs

Order payment

Customers can request a check, pay for an order, and leave a tip via the app

Public image

More positive reviews lead to an increase in the number of regular visitors


Reduced service time. Forget about the customer dissatisfaction due to long waiting for the host


Accept more orders and process them faster. Increase the customer base


Table booking and ordering a meal can be done on the way to the restaurant

Right to choose

Loyalty of customers who are used to online services


Increase in profits due to the growth of the ratings and speed of ordering.


A great incentive for staff to work better and faster


Convenient search for restaurants for new customers using maps

How does this work for the client?


Scan a QR code, for example, on a table in your restaurant.


View the menu and place an order using a simple interface.


Get high-quality and fast service.


Request a check, pay, and leave a tip for the waiter (optional) via the app.

If after a month of the test period you decide to abandon the extended functionality, you will forever have a QR menu and placement in our application.

You can pay for a subscription and return to full functionality at any time!


Your establishment from 1, 9 € / day


Basic functionality


From 1, 9 € / day / month
Mobile app Digitizing and creating QR - menus Multilingual menu, manual and automatic configuration - depending on geolocation Placement in the database of establishments Technical support Digitization of your menu (up to 50 items)

As a gift:

Additionally 1 month of free use of all functionality

* When paying for 3 months - 15% discount
   Top sales


Includes all functions from the Basic + tariff

old price 79 €


From 1, 3 € / day / month
10 Order in the institution and for delivery Reservation (booking) a table Pre-order / take-out service Request a tip when paying Safe QR codes, when hacked, we deactivate and register new ones Online Payments Apple Pay and Google Pay * Coming Soon Code generator through the site Modifiers (detailed filters) for dishes Photos for dishes Digitizing your menu (up to 70 items) On / off function. SMS - authorization The distribution between waiters of separate service areas (zoning) Push notifications Restaurant opening hours - with the setting of automatic termination of orders during non-working hours (selected individually) Setting up the work of the restaurant - manually selecting the type of service depending on the situation (only inside, only a summer terrace, only to take away, and so on) Ability to work through a personal smartphone Scheduled meals

As a gift:

1 month of free use of all functionality

* When paying for 3 months - 15% discount:


Includes all functions from the Standart + tariff

old price 119 €


From 1, 9 € / day / month
Integration with POS systems for exchanging orders and menus Unlimited categories and dishes Stop and Hot Lists Online menu editing Booking system Push messages to customers Testimonials Individual settings Digitizing your menu (up to 100 items)

As a gift:

1 month of free use of all functionality

* When paying for 3 months - 15% discount

* The price of the selected Tariff is frozen for 12 months


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With restorolla your venue will be more efficient and faster!

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