Automation of orders in your venue

Available everywhere and from any device:

  • Inside the venue
  • Pre-order
  • Take-away
  • Delivery
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What are the challenges the restaurant business owners face?


Due to the pandemic, the venue operation had to be adjusted


Revenue is down by 50%, while expenses and taxes remain the same


It is not safe to use a regular menu, and the interactive menu is too expensive


Aggregators charge for their services, and you can't cover the online order segment on your own


There is a constant need to cut the costs and reduce the operating expenses


Lack of understanding of business growth points in a crisis.

Manage your orders and customer loyalty easily and efficiently through a single Restorolla app:

Accepting orders and booking tables directly from any device

Contactless payments and tips

No aggregator fees

Automation of most work processes

Interactive multilingual menu

Feedback from customers in the app

Integration with POS systems and accounting in a cafe

Reducing the risk of errors made by staff

Assisted communication with customers (multiple languages supported)

Increasing the loyalty of patrons

Restaurant software

Cafe authorization program

Benefits of automating orders with Restorolla

Venue owner

  • Flexible functionality
  • Interactive menu qr menu for restaurant
  • Payment and tips via the app
  • Integration with your CRM
  • Direct marketing with the customer base
  • Monitoring of customer loyalty


  • Placing orders without downloading the app
  • Interactive menu with real meal photos and prices
  • Order placing before or after arrival to the venue, delivery and pickup
  • Payment via the app
  • Language selection
  • Intuitive interface


  • Optimization of working hours
  • Load planning
  • Convenient communication with the customers
  • Ability to accept pre-orders and order follow-ups at any time
  • Tip upon closure of each order
  • Customer loyalty

What will just a month with restorolla mean?

  • Average check increased
  • More orders by digital menu
  • Cost of food aggregators and extra staff diminished
  • Increased loyalty of your patrons
  • Сollecting data on your clientele and working with it (group and individual discounts, promotions, bonuses)
  • Cloud automation of cafes and restaurants

See how restaurant automation works:

Example of an implemented QR-menu

View demo

Restaurant business automation Restorolla has
extensive functionality that integrates with restaurant POS systems

Our case is not listed here?

We will provide you with an api for an easy start

How do i start using online menu?

Simply leave a request on our website, and the customer success manager will contact you and create a electronic menu by qr code

You are granted access to your personal account and QR codes: digital or printed*

You put QR codes in your venue wherever you please

Customers place their orders using a convenient, contactless, and secure online menu either inside the restaurant or online in the Restorolla app

*If necessary, we can connect Restorolla to your POS system


Your establishment from 1, 9 € / day


Basic functionality


From 1, 9 € / day / month
Mobile app Digitizing and creating QR - menus Multilingual menu, manual and automatic configuration - depending on geolocation Placement in the database of establishments Technical support Digitization of your menu (up to 50 items)

As a gift:

Additionally 1 month of free use of all functionality

* When paying for 3 months - 15% discount
   Top sales


Includes all functions from the Basic + tariff

old price 79 €


From 1, 3 € / day / month
10 Order in the institution and for delivery Reservation (booking) a table Pre-order / take-out service Request a tip when paying Safe QR codes, when hacked, we deactivate and register new ones Online Payments Apple Pay and Google Pay * Coming Soon Code generator through the site Modifiers (detailed filters) for dishes Photos for dishes Digitizing your menu (up to 70 items) On / off function. SMS - authorization The distribution between waiters of separate service areas (zoning) Push notifications Restaurant opening hours - with the setting of automatic termination of orders during non-working hours (selected individually) Setting up the work of the restaurant - manually selecting the type of service depending on the situation (only inside, only a summer terrace, only to take away, and so on) Ability to work through a personal smartphone Scheduled meals

As a gift:

1 month of free use of all functionality

* When paying for 3 months - 15% discount:


Includes all functions from the Standart + tariff

old price 119 €


From 1, 9 € / day / month
Integration with POS systems for exchanging orders and menus Unlimited categories and dishes Stop and Hot Lists Online menu editing Booking system Push messages to customers Testimonials Individual settings Digitizing your menu (up to 100 items)

As a gift:

1 month of free use of all functionality

* When paying for 3 months - 15% discount

* The price of the selected Tariff is frozen for 12 months


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1. Image video clip
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With restorolla your venue will be more efficient and faster!

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