Restaurant in your smartphone

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    Contactless menu

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    Ordering from any device

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    Integration with internal CRM

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    Payment online Coming soon in the app

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    Free trial period and technical support!

Great for

  • Cafes and bakeries

  • Restaurants

  • Pubs and bars

  • Pizzerias

  • Food-courts

  • Hotels

How will the Restorolla app help your institution?

  • Auto order

    Full automation of self-checkout - at the table, pre-order, takeaway or delivery

  • Order payment

    You can issue an invoice, pay for an order, and leave a tip via the app

  • Compatibility

    Possibility of integration with the institution's internal CRM system

  • Optimization

    Digitalization of work processes and cost reduction. We help you reduce the cost of staff training and search for new staff.

  • Speed

    Reduced maintenance time. Forget about the dissatisfaction of visitors due to a long wait or impolite treatment

  • Image

    Fewer dissatisfied guests, which means fewer negative reviews on the Internet

  • Turnover

    Ability to accept more orders and process them faster. Increasing the customer base

  • Convenience

    Booking a table and ordering food on the way to the restaurant

  • Right to choose

    Loyalty of people who are used to online.

  • Profit

    Profit growth due to the growth of the rating and the speed of placing orders.

  • Motivation

    A great incentive for staff to work better and faster

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  • Convenient for the client

    Easy start

    The client downloads the app via the App Store/ Google play or scans the QR code on the table of the establishment.

    Then it starts the order.

  • Convenient for the client

    Adding dishes on the fly

    Until the order is closed, the customer can add additional dishes to the order at any time, call the waiter or specify special requests for the order.

  • Convenient for the client

    Invoice and tip in the app

    When you need to close an order, the customer can ask for an invoice, as well as leave a tip via the app.

  • Convenient for the client

    All in one app

    Through Restorolla it is convenient to order at the table in a restaurant, make delivery and pre-order

  • Convenient for business

    Notification of orders

    After placing an order, it is immediately displayed in your system and can be accepted for work.

  • Convenient for business

    Know your loyal customers

    Access to each client's order history

  • Convenient for business

    Engage your customers

    Send push notifications to your customers

  • Coming soon in the app

    • - online payment

Do you still not believe that the work
of a cafe-bar-restaurant can be automated and transferred to online mode?

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